As I mentioned earlier, I have been quite consumed with my latest “project.” Just two months ago I declared my business as “The Organic Gypsy.” What is the Organic Gypsy you might ask? A food truck! I am now the proud owner of a gem (not yet named) old postal delivery truck that is patiently waiting for me to give her an extensive remodel to be a commissary kitchen on wheels. The Organic Gypsy will be traveling to festivals providing organic food to festival goers over the spring-summer-fall months.

My dad and I decided to work together to build our own, rather than buy an expensive pre-made one. This means my days have been totally consumed learning about steel, generators, water pumps, and all sorts of things I could have never imagined. The challenge has been at times totally overwhelming. It has also reminded me that sometimes things don’t work out like planned. I’ve known I’ve wanted to own my own business for over 8 years, the last 4 of which I thought my business would probably be a fitness/yoga studio. For some reason, I thought my life would happen according to plan- I’d get married, have a partner for support, and then I would start my business from that strong foundation. My friend Barbara has asked me why I choose to work for someone else if what I ultimately want to be doing is own my own business. My answer was always experience.

I’ve felt like I’ve been waiting for something to happen. Waiting for the phone to ring, to get the right funding connection, or for my relationship to lead the way to the right time and place. None of those things are happening, folks! Plan B. Start a business that I can take literally anywhere I want (because it is conveniently on wheels), so I can still lead the life I want and be a successful business woman, but also be flexible enough to go where my heart ultimately lands…literally driving my truck where ever that is.

There is also licensing to consider: with the price tag of $20k in San Francisco and $150 in Michigan, it seems like there is only one place for me to start. I know more than a few people who are convinced I will be back and there is only one home for an organic, local food truck and that is in San Francisco. For now those people will just have to meet me for a farewell beer or Tartine croissant or come visit me in the Midwest because all I can say is I don’t know about that.

I’ll keep you posted on my festival schedule, menu offerings, and other Gypsy news. I am looking for feedback from people on food and beverages that they would like to try at a healthy food truck. Feel free to share ideas or recipes. Check back to the website often as I am about to launch a new logo and plans for my truck design!